Welcome to the 2023-2024 swim season with Durango Swim Club. Our swim program is a year-round sport with the season running from Sept 2023 to July 2024.  Durango Swim Club (DSC) is a local, independent non-profit organization (501C3) run by volunteer parents & promotes youth swimming in La Plata County. DSC offers competitive swimming at six levels beginning with Pre-Team (6/7yrs) to Seniors (14/18 yrs).


Below is the fee & dues schedule for 2023-2024 swim season.  As a year-round swim club & non-profit organization, monthly dues are the primary source of funding for our programs. DSC has many fixed, year-round costs that include coaches’ salaries & certifications, swim meet pool rental fees & equipment upkeep as well as other club operational expenses. Dues are charged monthly, paid at the beginning of each month & DSC is unable to offer pro-rated or daily rates.


  • DSC offers a discount for multi-athlete families; the full rate is charged for the athlete in the most advanced group, the second athlete receives a 10% discount, the third receives a 25% discount & each additional athlete receives a 50% discount.

  • DSC offers a 10% discount for dues that are paid annually. This discount can be applied only in September. Please contact the DSC Treasurer to make arrangements.


  • All new DSC swimmers receive a one week free trial before monthly dues are applied.


  • Scholarships are available, please contact DSC Treasurer for more information.


  • Written notice is required for practice suspension or swimming cancellation. DSC requests at least 30 days notice because monthly dues are our primary source of funding & in order to adequately budget for coaching coverage, DSC can not adjust expenses weekly.


  • All DSC members are required to have an active USA Swimming Membership. All programs run by DSC are certified via USA Swimming & this serves as the umbrella organization providing liability coverage.
    • There are two different types of USA Swimming memberships; Premium membership for $82 is unlimited meets/competitions throughout a calendar year. Flex membership for $40 is only for swimmers 12 yrs & under & only allows participation in two meets/competitions ( this membership type does not cover a LSC Championship event or above). Even if your swimmer is not interested in competing, you must purchase a USA Swimming Membership. There are scholarship options available.
    • Renewals for existing swimmers will take place November 1, 2023 and will automatically be charged to your DSC swim account.


  • There are sometimes a lot of swim meets out of town & to help cover the cost of travel for our coaches, DSC has a mandatory $20.00 per family charge for all meets outside of Durango. Out of state championship meets such as Zones, SWAGR & Sectionals will have a meet fee of $250 imposed per family to help finance coach travel & lodging.


  • Swim meet entry fees vary based on where the meet is held. There is a fee per individual event plus a fee per swimmer/pool charge. Specific meet fees information is available on the DSC website under each event. Meet fees are charged monthly depending on participation.






Active Members


1st swimmer


2nd swimmer 10%



3rd swimmer 25%



4th swimmer 50%



Monthly Dues for 11



discount if paid in full

by Sept 30th, 2023